MD and MSMS student update and PHSU Student Services Update 10.09.17

MSMS, First Year and Second Year Medical Students:  Official initiation date has now been determined, and will be October 16th, 2017 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. The time will be in the morning at the campus on Monday October 16th, and the exact time and meeting location for Monday will be announced and shared later this week.

Please plan to be at the campus on that date to check-in and review the class schedule details for the remainder of the semester.

In the event, you are unable to physically attend campus next Monday, please check-in directly via email with Dr. Georgina Aguirre at and/or Diana Delgado at Alternatively, you may try to contact Wilda Velez  or Dr. Jose Torres at office of Academic Affairs as per the standard process.

Third Year Medical Students:  For third year MD students, please continue to check-in to the School on October 11th,  as previously communicated at 8:30 am with Martha Rodriguez and Dr. Georgina Aguirre at the entrance/lobby of the North Academic Building.  If unable to reach the School that day, please send a note to and copy  You may also try calling the clinical coordinator office at 1-787-844-1930.

For YR3 MD students who are unable to travel to Ponce, please know we are working with several medical schools in Florida to provide additional options for Florida-based clinical rotations on a case by case basis for student that are displaced.

Fourth Year Medical Students:  Please report to all rotations as scheduled on October 9.  For any assistance, please send a note to and copy  You may also try calling the clinical coordinator office at 1-787-844-1930.

For All PHSU Students:

We are setting up an emergency crisis management team for students who are displaced and concerned. We would like to increase our ability to provide student support services to these students and are going to designate to specific points of contact to assist affected students with any questions regarding safety, supplies, logistics and other well-being related issues.

These staff members will work directly to assist our affected students and when contacted will ask each student:

  1. What is your safety status?
  2. Do you need anything such as water, food, housing support, and communications?
  3. Would you like us to put you in direct touch with a counselor?

For all student service and support related issues please contact either:

Emsley Vasquez

Email: Tel. 787-840-2575 ext. 5700 Cel. 787-664-4607

Enid Gonzalez Acosta

Email: Tel. 787-840-2575 ext. 5782 Cel. 787-664-6864


PHSU Community

Academic Update for MD, MSMS Programs

MSMS, First Year and Second Year Medical Students:  Official initiation date has not been determined yet.  Will confirm by the end of the day on October 10.
Third Year Medical Students:  Please report to the School on October 11.  If unable to reach the School that day, please send a note to and copy  You may also try calling the clinical coordinator office at 1-787-844-1930.
Fourth Year Medical Students:  Please report to all rotations as scheduled on October 9.  For any assistance please send a note to and copy  You may also try calling the clinical coordinator office at 1-787-844-1930.

PHSU Tentative Plans for Initiating Academic Activities 10.05.17

PHSU Community,

Please find below the tentative plans for initiating academic activities below. Attached you will find program specific details for those programs that are resuming classes next week. Please note that safety remains our top concern and students who are facing challenges in regards to travel and/or whom have other logistic concerns should work directly with the Dean of each department whom can work with you on a case by case basis.

Tentative Plans for Initiating Academic Activities

Thursday, October 05, 2017

We have targeted next Monday, October 9th, 2017 to resume the regular academic activities of the School of Behavior and Brain Sciences; the Public Health Program, the Nursing Program, and the Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Sciences. The initiation of academic activities associated to the MD Program is still under discussion as different options are under evaluation. One of the options under consideration is to move the academic activities to a medical school in the continental USA (e.g. Florida, Missouri). The other option is to reassume academic activities locally although the major hurdle is the current unavailability of Internet services. The final determination to reopen the activities in the medical program will be reached by next Friday, October 6, 2017.

Nursing Program:

The academic activities for the Nursing Program will resume on Monday, October 9, 2017 from 9am to 5pm. The small conference room next to the President`s office has been identified as the site to offer classes to the eleven (11) students in the program. This room is furnished with audiovisual equipment including a blackboard, and has air conditioning.

All faculty in the Program have been identified and everything is ready to go.

Other option for location will be the Nursing faculty/Conference Room available on Building O. At this location, the windows could be lowered for getting fresh air and it sufficiently illuminated. If normal power is reestablished by the AEE, all room in Building O will be available to the Program.

School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences:

The academic activities associated to the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences are scheduled to resume next Monday, October 9, 2017.  Approximately 95% of the faculty is ready available preparing for the lectures as well as other academic activities. The corresponding Dean and her faculty are working to reestablish all academic activities as originally programmed. Mondays and Wednesdays will be reserved for students in the Ph.D. Program, whereas Tuesdays and Thursdays will be reserved for PsyD. Academic activities will be scheduled from 8am to 5:30pm. No evening classes will be offered. students. Lectures will be delivered in periods of 1.5 hours and periods for independent study for 1 hour. Students in the Certificate in Family and Couples Therapy and the Certificate in Neurosciences will attend classes on Fridays and Saturdays, respectively, as the usual.  Furthermore, students in the MSSP will convene Saturdays from 9am to 4pm.

With regards to location, we have opted to reinitiate academic activities at the South Academic Building. This Building is powered by a generator. All lecture and discussions rooms are fully functional at that location. In summary, the faculty will use rooms 101, 201, 202-203, and the class room at the second floor of the Library for lectures. Rooms 204-207 will be reserved for small group discussions. Small rooms in the Library (A, B, D, F) also will be available as needed. Portable air conditioning units will be placed on the rooms.

In the event that the Medical Program is initiated on campus on October 16, 2017, all psychology academic activities will be relocated to the regular location. Although, a power generator is not available at the Psychology Building, windows around the rooms could be lowered and lectures can be offered without major problems. If regular electric power is reestablished by AEE, activities will reassume in the building as usual.

Public Health Program:

All academic activities of the Program will resume next Monday, October 9, 2017. Most of the faculty are readily working and preparing lectures for next week. The Associate Dean will continue directing efforts as establishing communications with missing faculty and students.

Academic Activities for the Public Health Program will be scheduled from 5pm to 9pm as usual. The Program will be set the South Academic Building, which will be available at that period of time. If missing faculty do not show up by Monday, the Associate Dean and her faculty have designed a contingency plan to cover all courses with available faculty.

MD Program:

We are still determining the date and location for the re-initiation of academic activities of the Medical Program. A final administrative decision will be reached by Friday, October 6, 2017. On Monday, October 9, at 9am in Room 101, an orientation meeting has been scheduled for the faculty of the Medical School. This meeting will be directed by Dr. Georgina Aguirre and the purpose of the meeting is to officially inform all faculty of the final decision with regards to the date and location of medical school activities and to discuss plans to move forward.

Lecture scheduling for the remaining of the semester is currently being worked out at the level of individual academic programs (Nursing, Psychology, and Public Health) and they will be available before Monday, October 9th. With regards to the Medical Program, lecture schedule is currently being put together by Dr. Georgina Aguirre in close collaboration with Dr. Elizabeth Rivera. The final lecture schedule for the MD Program will be available next week to be discussed with the corresponding faculty.

Please take the opportunity to recognize a tremendous thanks to all of the faculty and administration in Ponce whom have been working so hard over the past two weeks to help PHSU resume academic operations during such a challenging time. We look forward to continuing the rebuilding process and further strengthening the Mission of the University.

PHSU Community

Tentative Plans for Ininitiating Academic Activities-October 5th, 2017 PsyD Program 4th year August- December 2017 Hurricaine Fourth year-2 PsyD Program 1st ans 2nd year August- December 2017 Hurricaine 2 PsyD 3rd YR Program August- December 2017 Hurricaine PhD Program after María 2017- 2


Official Bulletin Post-Hurricane Maria Start Dates

Official Bulletin Post-Hurricane Maria Start Dates:
October 9th, 2017 The Ponce Health Sciences University will resume programs for the following programs:
 PhD Clinical Psychology
Public Health
PhD Bio-medical Sciences
Nursing: students are to report to the President’s small conference room
All Schedules will be posted to the website on Thursday October 5th.
  • Each Schedule will also be posted on the bulletin boards in the academic building, the library and the offices of each department.
  • Information regarding start dates for the MD and MSMS programs will be announced later this week.
  • The MS in School Psychology and the certificate program in Family and Couples Therapy will resume classes on Friday, October 13th.
  • The certificate program in Neuroscience of Learning will resume classes on Saturday October 14th.
  • Counseling service for students and faculty will be available starting October 9th in Study Room B located in the library.
  • Limited student services including the office of the registrar will be available in Study Room A located in the Library.
Dr. David Lenihan
President / CEO
Tiber Health & Ponce Health Sciences University
Professor of Neuroscience and Neuroanatomy
Ponce Health Sciences University
Phone +1 (314) 614-5005

10.04.17 PHSU Community Update

Dear PHSU Community,

The relief and recovery effort continues to make daily progress and we would like to begin by expressing deep gratitude to all of those at the campus whom have been working so hard over the past two weeks since the storm hit in an effort to restore the campus as quickly as possible to operations. Our thanks for your commitment and efforts can not be expressed enough during this very challenging time and these efforts are being seen and recognized by many in the student and broader Ponce community.

While many students have indicated they are eager to return to class as soon as possible, and while October 9th remains a target date for an operational announcement, we re-iterate that the safety and well-being of our students and staff is the top priority. For any students who are currently in San Juan or in the US Mainland, we will be making operational announcements as soon as possible; however,  we recommend you do not make any travel plans until such announcement is made.

For students of the MD program, we are in active conversations with several US Mainland Medical Schools whom have been kind enough to offer their assistance to PHSU students during this time. We are in advance discussions specifically with the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. While a final agreement has not yet been reached please know we are working quickly to ensure that proper infrastructure, resources, housing and support services will be available in an effort to ensure studies will get back on track as quickly as possible. Please see the below press release regarding this effort:

Recovery and Relief Update:

For those of you whom have access to the internet, there is a live and recorded video daily briefing from Governor Rosselló as to the Puerto Rico recovery and relief status that can be accessed at the below link:

A Few highlights from the Governor Rosselló 10.04.17 update include:

– The Island Curfew has been reduced to 12PM Midnight to 5AM due to the increased capability in what has been seen from organizations like the DOD and State Government agencies. This will allow for more economic activity as well as increase the number of working hours that the various organizations can use to continue with the rebuilding and recovery effort. The Governor just asks that the people use good judgement and commitment to use this additional time in the appropriate, safe and responsible way.

– The Secretary of Hacienda will start disbursing payments in advance from October 15th to public employee salaries,  pensions as well as some of the payments to some of the small and medium sized business in an effort to improve local liquidity now.

– 10,000 DOD personnel are now on the Island as well as the capability of 60 Helicopters.  Yesterday the USS Comfort, which is the largest marine hospital ship in the world,  was docked in Puerto Rico yesterday and has the flexibility to move to different parts of the Island as needed (has the capability of attending to 1000 patients including various surgeries).

Infrastructure progress updates: These updates are accessible in real-time on:

Since our last post on Monday October 2, 2017 please note the following improvements:

  • % of gas stations back online has increased from 65.5% on Monday to 76.09% today (837 stations Island wide)
  • % of the Island that has telecommunication service has improved from 35.8% on Monday to 43.32% today
  • % of supermarkets open has increased from 64.69% on Monday to 69.73% today
  • % of Cell towers currently restored has improved from 14.21% on Monday to 22.54% today
  • % of the Island with electricity has improved from 5% on Monday to 8.6% today
  • # of Pharmacies open on the Island has improved from 337 on Monday to 462 today
  • # of Hospitals open on the Island has improved from 51 to now 63 according to the conference this morning, with 24 been powered including one in Ponce

Additional Updates from this morning’s briefing:

Diesel and fuel keep coming to the Island and consumer affairs are monitoring the gas stations to ensure there is no price gauging. The length of lines to get gas has been significantly reduced to the 25-minute range. There are 63 hospitals now open and 24 are now powered. Food and water delivery missions and capability have increased to 126 missions from 61 just the day before. Telecoms 43.2% coverage from 25% a week ago which has been enhanced with the addition of the SAT Cellular On Wheels (COW) stations which have supported 3.5 million text conversation and over 1 million phone calls in the past 5 days. This effort will continue with the objective of reaching 65% of the Island by month’s end. 48.2% of the Island has access to water and are looking to have 60% with water service by week’s end and 80% by the end of the month. Energy/Electricity: 10% of the Island should have electricity by the end of the week and 25% by the end of the month.  Disaster Management Action Teams are in 9 cities including Ponce.

In Ponce, there are reports of some electricity and water, but only in certain neighborhoods.

While the website lost some local search functionality from Monday as updates are happening rapidly, please note the below links:

For donations: Please look to and/or continue to engage with local organization who are working to send supplies to the various regions of Puerto Rico, of which several are listed on the September 22nd posting of this information site:

Thank you again to all of those working so hard to help restore University and Community operations. We would also like to thank the many students whom have notified us of their safety status.  Faculty, staff and students please continue to reach out to us through this site or Facebook to let us know that you are safe if you have not done so already and/or the safety status of others whom are part of the Ponce Health Sciences University community as you are able.

Please forward these updates to anyone whom you think it would be of help (as well as subscribe at the bottom of this website for automatic updates) and as always do not hesitate to reach out directly as we continue to work diligently towards the recovery and relief efforts.

PHSU Community

10.02.2017 PHSU Community Update

PHSU Community,

The government of Puerto Rico in partnership with a number of public and private entities continues to make meaningful progress in the recovery effort. For those who can access it,  a new website has been created by the government of Puerto Rico called:

This website has very helpful information in Spanish including a dashboard that includes:

– % of gas stations now back online (65.54%)

– % of the Island that has telecommunication service (currently at 35.8%)

– % of the supermarkets that are now open on the Island (currently at 64.69%)

– % of Cell towers restored (currently at 14.21%)

– % of the Island with electricity restored (currently at 5%)

– # of Pharmacies open on the Island (currently at 337)

– # of Hospitals open on the Island (currently at 51)

– % of Ports that are now operational (Currently 75%)

On the top menu of the site, users can select the geographic location to see specific locations that are open for: Centers of supply distribution, Centers for dialysis, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Gasoline, Banks, Super Markets and Ailment supply updates. For example, in Ponce, the site indicates that the following are operational:

Supermarkets in Ponce:

– Pueblo Supermarket near the University in Plaza Del Caribe including the following supermarkets in Ponce: Selectos, Supermarket Hermanos Santiago, Supermarket Plaza Guayama and SuperMax. The list can be accessed at the following link:

The Following Hospitals in Ponce are listed as operational:

– Hospital Damas on 2213 Ponce Bypass

– Dr. Pila on 2445 Avenida Las Americas

– Menonitas San Lucas on 917 Av Tito Castro

– San Cristobal on Calle Arceola, Coto Laurel

– Psiquiatria Forense on Road 14

Gasoline: The site lists 31 gasoline  stations that are now operational including the Puma Station in CENTRO COMERCIAL PLAZA DEL CARIBE very near the University. Here is a link to all of the listed Open Gas Stations in Ponce:

Banks: The site lists 8 banks including the Bank Santander branch in Ponce Plaza and the Banco Popular branch on Ponce Plaza that are now open in Ponce at the following link:

Pharmacies:  There are 20 Pharmacies now listed as open in Ponce including the Walgreens on 2030 Las Americas Ave and these can be accessed at the following li nk: 

Supply Distribution Center:  The supply distribution center for Ponce is located at the National Guard in Ponce. There are ten others listed for other locations on the Island at:


The latest reports on the San Juan Airport indicate that as of yesterday there were 39 Passenger flights which is an increase from only 10 just a few days ago.


Islanders receiving benefits under Puerto Rico’s Nutrition Assistance program who have been displaced by the hurricanes can apply for benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the USDA announced Sunday. The policy will remain in effect through October 31.


We have also started to received a few What’s APP and cellular communications out of Ponce (still inconsistent) but it does seem there is real progress being made on this front.

We are very grateful for all of the students and staff whom have continued to reach out to us to notify us as to their safety status, and the safety status of others whom they are in contact with as we work together across this incredibly challenging situation.

We are also grateful to those Alumni whom are reaching out to ask how they too can help and get involved. There will be more information about this in the next day or so, but in the meantime we would encourage you to work with local organizations who are driving local supply donations efforts to the Island and to participate in the these efforts.

There are many positive developments underway and we will continue to keep the PHSU Community informed as these continue to make progress across the recovery and relief effort and again please feel free to sign up at the bottom of this website to receive automatic updates and share with others with whom this information could be helpful.

PHSU Community

Rosselló Press Conference this morning 9.30.17

A few highlights from Gov. Rosselló press conference this morning:

Food, Gas, Hospitals, Communication and Air Traffic Control remain the top priorities

Gas: there are now 714 gas stations open today which is up from 450 gas stations four days ago which reflects about 50% of the gas stations in Puerto Rico that are receiving fuel. Once all of the gas stations that can operate normally have been identified, those stations will be provided with appropriate security.

  • Reservoirs of Diesel have increased to 600,000 barrels
  • Gasoline reservoirs have increased to 722,000 barrels
  • Starting Oct 1st- Oct 7th ports will continue to bring in more gas and diesel

FEMA/FOOD/WATER: there are efforts underway to distribute food and water to hard to reach communities across the Island. There have been 11 food and water distribution stations set up across the municipalities.

Communications: The police has re-established communications through radio in San Juan, Bayamon, Carolina and Caguas at their stations. The have established SAT C.O.W.s (Cell on Wheels) network in Ponce and Arecibo and are going to be expanding SAT C.O.W.s  next week to additional areas such as Fajardo and Rio Grande.  They have lifted 163 antennas across the island and expected to continue this through next week.

San Juan Airport: is up to 30 commercial flights daily now.

See webcast live and complete replay:

See below for open Hospitals:

To Follow Live Twitter updates from the Government of Puerto Rico on Hurricane Maria updates:

Update 9.29.17

Dear PHSU Community,

We expect to announce by October 9th when normal operations and classes will begin. Yesterday, we were able to get some medical personnel and supplies into the campus and community and medical personnel are available at the wellness center for students, staff and community.

We are very thankful for all of the safety status updates that we have received from students and staff across this very challenging time. Please continue to notify us of your status and or the status of others as communications come back online. We have also received reports of some successful outbound cellular calls through the Claro provider network coming out of Ponce.

We will continue to provide updates to the PHSU University community through this website and work diligently to provide safety and well being for our students and staff. We would like to offer a tremendous thanks to everyone who has immediately jumped in provided aid and help in some way.

For MD Students: Dr. Rodriguez is in contact with the AAMC and they have informed the US Mainland Academic Medical Community about the unique situation of all Puerto Rico based Medical Students so that they can help support the process. That includes logistics with ERAS; however, to the extent that you can, 4th YR MD students please complete your applications and our VP of Student Affairs is working to ensure that all MSPE’s are uploaded in a timely manner.

MD 4th YR: Due to the nature of the fourth year clinical rotations please follow the following instructions:
  • If you are assigned an elective rotation in the US, attend that rotation as scheduled is possible and if unable to travel to the US please contact Martha Rodriguez at and copy me at to let us know. 
  • If you are assigned a local required, selective or elective rotation, you are still scheduled to begin that rotation on October 9th at this time.
  • If you are at the United States and are unable to return to PR for your next rotation, you can coordinate it in the US.  This includes required and selective rotations too.  Please write to Martha Rodriguez at and copy me at to let us know if this is your case.
  •  If you were able to continue any rotation during the time of the Hurricane Emergency, please complete it.
  • All Senior Medical Students: please make arrangements to do an elective during  the rotation period that begins October 23rd. Best if you can do this in the US. The AAMC is preparing a list of institutions willing to help and with available spaces. We will share and distribute as soon as it is available.
  • MD 3rd YR:  We are coordinating with   the Directors of all Clinical Departments to resume your clerkship rotations. We are in daily communication with the hospitals to assess when they are ready to receive medical students and are working on possible changes in the clerkships to ensure you are able to continue your education in an adequate and safe learning environment. Our first choice is that you are able to continue your rotations in Puerto Rico, but as a back-up plan we have contacted the AAMC and LCME Deans in Florida and the Northeast to identify additional sites where we can co-ordinate clerkships in the US. Dr. Rodriguez will keep you posted on the outcomes of these initiatives.  We have also been in contact with the NBME to postpone the date to offer the Subject Exams related to your last clinical rotation and will keep you posted on the new date as it becomes confirmed. Please do not hesitate to contact D.r Rodriguez with any additional questions you may have at . 

More updates for  other programs (PYS and Public Health) will be forthcoming per this site.

Tremendous thanks to everyone for your perseverance and continued efforts as we work together towards a successful outcome during this extremely challenging situation.

PHSU Community